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2004-2005 is over.

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Kenny: *violates Vic*
Vic: "We don't have that kind of relationship..."
Kenny: "We do when we're drunk!"
Vic: "OH YEAH!!!"

"vodka znachit poosey"

Our apartment consists of:
-Kenny (kortiz)
-Amanda (themaskedvixen)
-Victoria (vicks412)
-Judson (deadkidsyntax)
-Kyle (dimestorewhore)
-David Haynes (thrax77)
-Shawn (random... guy)
-Allyson (allybabe2402)

hahahaha, I didn't have pics for everyone so here's this (yay 5 minute MS Paint sessions!):

We don't really use this community because Shawn doesn't have an LJ and I don't know if David has ever even looked at it. But next year we'll use it..

-Kenny (kortiz)
-Allyson (allybabe2402)
-Andrea (nimbas1)
-Shea (ifuckedrandy)
-Nam Turk (krudmonk)
-Yawen (echoing)

21 year olds, 7 11 doubles, aiming, anything goes, ass-grabbing, booze, cheap wine, cigarettes, clubbing, computer nerds, dancing, debates, diet coke, discounts at gottschalks, discounts at imax, discounts at longs, ditzy white girls, drink drank drunk, drunken debauchery, dumb russians, easy mac, exhibitionism, eyeliner, flat irons, fountain circle, getting head from victoria, good times, hawt shit, inside jokes, jud buying pizza, lack of alone-time, lack of downtime, lesbian piercings, lesbian tattoos, livejournaling (verb), makeout whores, making out, music, no christian roommates, no drama pls kthx, not studying, not surprised, not victoria kaplun, orgies, parties, platonic sex, proximity to jamba juice, proximity to the greenbelt, queer friendliness, rants, rent being on time, sarcasm, scene hair, sex, sluts, tattoos, top ramen, tuna, ucdavis, us getting free stuff, vodka, voyeurism, whatever goes


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