Yawen is a geek (echoing) wrote in fcfittythree,
Yawen is a geek


Cory's coming tomorrow night, and I kinda need help with cleaning. I WILL clean but it's hard doing it all alone. Kenny? Allyson? Nam? Dave?
I know it's my dish week but I'm going to say this honestly - I haven't been cooking/using dishes besides cups in a while. It'd be SUPER helpful if everyone would do their part and clean up after themselves. That means, wiping counters/pick up food stuff/trash. I'd do the dishes faster if everyone at least rinses own dishes. Pleaase. I'm honestly tired/lazy from work and don't have much strength to go through all of the dishes. so yea, thanks.

also it'd be great if people could help me with moving some bigger furniture in my room. help? =./
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